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Widmer W’11 KGB


For some reason, their website only lists the W’10 beer, but not this one. Anyways, it’s a cheap RIS. It’s about as cheap as any I’ve seen, so let’s see if it tastes any good. If it is, this would be a great buy.

Russian Imperial Stout. 9.3% ABV. Oregon.

Actually pretty light color for a RIS. Head fades quickly.

All I get on the nose is alcohol and roast barley, not much else coming through.

Mouthfeel isn’t too bad, but it is too light.

The alcohol doesn’t come through as much on the palate as it does the nose, so that’s good. Over-powered by roast barley. Very roasted, tastes like burnt meat, burnt coffee, and burnt chocolate if you can imagine that.

Not a great beer, but for the price it isn’t too bad. I feel like they had a fairly light, bland base beer and then added as much roasted barley as they could to cover everything else up. It comes off as a shallow, unbalanced beer. 79 points.

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