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Sierra Nevada 30th Anniversary Grand Cru


It appears that Sierra Nevada has taken down their 30th Anniversary webpage, so I’ll have to use my memory for this one. If I recall this is a blend of the Pale, Celebration, and Bigfoot and then dry-hopped. I’ve been a big fan of the other 3, so I’m sure this one won’t disappoint.

American Strong Ale. 9.2% ABV. California.

This is dark copper in color with a great head.

The nose is hoppy with some pine, but also quite perfumy. Citrus and caramel also come through strong. I get some slight oak with vanilla, but I have to admit it’s not a super open nose.

Great mouthfeel, medium to full-bodied.

Citrus, pine, followed by oak and vanilla flavors. Caramel and apples follow throughout. I get this beautiful orange/tangerine component, especially on the finish. Quite a good dose of bitterness on the back, but a well balanced beer, as you would expect from Sierra Nevada.

Good beer, and well worth the money quality wise. I do have to admit that it doesn’t completely blow my socks off. 91 points.

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