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Green Flash Imperial IPA


Here’s another imperial IPA, this one coming from San Diego. This beer has Nugget and Summit hops, but not sure about the malts. I’ve really like the last Green Flash beer I had, so I hope this one rates well, too.

Imperial India Pale Ale. 9.4% ABV. 101 IBUs. California.

Almost orange in color with a little bit of head, but fades fairly quickly, and great lacing.

This nose is very piney and earthy. Reminds me of the Emperial IPA from Stone. Quite a bit of a mushroom component, with dirt, and pine cones. It has some slight citrus, with orange and lemon coming through.

Good mouthfeel. Medium bodied, but has fairly high carbonation.

Again, it’s quite earthy on the palate with a ton of pine, mint, earth, and mushrooms. After the initial hops, you get a bit of crackery malts and then fades into a seriously hoppy backend with quite a bit of bitterness and pine.

I’m going to admit this isn’t a favorite of mine, but it’s a well-made beer and worth getting if you are a hop head. The palate didn’t really grab me, and that’s just a personal opinion. Just simply, not my favorite, but a good beer. 88 points.

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