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Roslyn Brookside


This little brewery only makes a couple beers, and lagers at that. The Brookside is their lighter lager, and features Yakima Hallertau hops. Let’s see if this is any good.

Pale Lager. ABV Unknown. Washington.

Light amber color with a little bit of head.

The nose is very fruity. Just a ton of tropical fruits. It almost makes me wonder if they fermented this with pineapples and guava. Very pleasant nose.

Light bodied, little carbonation, but it’s been opened for awhile.

Good initial fruit flavors, with just a hint of hops following, but the mid-palate is hollow. The finish pretty much just dies and u are left with some hop bitterness, but no flavor on the palate.

It has some really nice flavors, but not a super well-made beer. The hollow mid-palate is unacceptable. 82 points.

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