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Hair of the Dog Doggie Claws ’10


This is HOTD’s November release. It’s a big, west coast style barleywine with a whole lotta hops. This one might be a tad hard for some of you to find, at least their beers are for me. Let’s see how this tastes.

Barleywine. 11.0% ABV. Oregon.

Dark caramel and red, and quite murky. Leaves a fantastic head and lacing.

There are a ton of aromatics on this one. Very hoppy, but also has a malty caramel component with a bunch of sweetness. A ton of pine on this one. Reminds me a lot of Bigfoot.

Very heavy mouthfeel. This is as thick as they come, but it does actually bring a lot of carbonation as well.

Lots of pine resin, brown sugar, molasses, apricots, honey, lemon. Lots of flavors here. I feel like someone put a forest in my mouth but then topped it off with some honey and brown sugar.

I generally say that barleywines need to be aged…but this one really does. This is like that red wine that is so tannic it needs to sit for 5 years to be drinkable. But don’t get me wrong, you can drink this now if you can stand the sweetness. Very well made beer, and akin to SN Bigfoot. If you want those hops, here you go. 91 points.

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