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Alaskan Raspberry Wheat


This limited release beer has one pound of raspberries per gallon of beer. In addition, it features 2-row barley, wheat, and specialty malts, European and Pacific Northwest hops and 3,000 pounds of raspberries.

Fruit, Wheat Ale. 6.5% ABV. Alaska.

Looks similar to a dunkel, but much more on the pink side.

Pureed raspberries on the nose is all I really get, but it doesn’t seem over-the-top or fake.

Medium bodied with quite a lot of carbonation.

Raspberries on the palate, of course, with a little wheat, minerality, and apricot. It has some sweetness, but drys out quite a bit on the finish. The finish is just a bit tart, and actually a little bitter.

Reminds me of a heavy, dry lambic. I respect the restraint in this beer to not be just fruit alcohol, but actually have some beer sensability, while still being a nice apertif. 87 points.

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