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Howe Sound Father John’s Winter Ale


Just wanna say merry Christmas, and also apologize for the lack of updates recently. It was dead week and finals recently, and since I’ve been on break I’ve been doing lots of computer repairs. Reviews should be coming out more regularly from now on. Thanks for sticking with me!

This brewery has the coolest bottles ever, 1 liters with a swing-top cap. This is their Winter seasonal featuring 4 malts, Nugget and Hallertau hops and spices. Let’s see if the beer is any good.

Winter Warmer. 7.0% ABV. 17 IBUs. Canada.

Light brown color and not much head stays around.

Lots of spices and malts on the nose. Very spice heavy with vanilla, cinnamon, cardamon, and nutmeg. The malts also come through with a little bit of sweetness.

Beer is a little light bodied and too much carbonation.

Flavor is similar to the nose. Just a ton of spices, lots of brown sugar flavors with the malts and just a little hint of hop bitterness, but not getting any hop flavor.

It’s a decent beer, but other ways to go for a winter beer. Reminds me a lot of Fireside Chat. 85 points.

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