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Boundary Bay Oatmeal Stout


I went over to Boundary Bay to get a growler of their winter warmer Cabin Fever, but alas, they don’t do fills on seasonals. I actually knew that, but was hoping, since they bottle Cabin Fever, they would make an exception. Well I came home with some oatmeal stout instead. Not only did it hit the spot with this weather we’ve been having, but this is the only bottled beer that I havn’t reviewed.

Oatmeal Stout. 8.5% ABV. Washington.

Black, but not the darkest stout out there.

Nose is very much oatmeal stout. You get lots of roasted malts with some slight sweetness and lots of chocolate.

Decent mouthfeel. Might be just a tad too light for me, but not bad.

Lots and lots of roasted malts, with chocolate, meaty-ness, some dark fruits, and a little bit of alcohol showing on the back end.

Not a bad beer, and will warm you up on a cold day, but the alcohol and the roasted-ness are a bit off-balanced. 86 points.

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