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Boulevard Saison (Retired)


Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I hope you all eat hearty and drink well. Also, mention in the comments what you are drinking today. I really wanted a saison to go with the turkey today, but skipped Saison Dupont for this. I found a bottle of this is a local grocery store and immediately looked it up. Turns out this beer has been retired, for what looks to be about a year. So this beer has been sitting on the shelf for at least that long. Don’t know anything about the beer because there’s no mention of it on Boulevard’s website. Let’s see how it is.

Saison. 6.2% ABV. Missouri.

hazy amber in color. Quite a lot of sediment and a nice white head.

Nice nose once it warms up. Lots of delicious fruits and spices on here. The pepper component is blowing me away with a fantastic yeast character. It reminds me of baked peaches with white and black pepper on them. It also has a great banana aroma.

Mouthfeel is right on. Medium bodied but highly drinkable.

Peaches explode on the mouth with that yeast component. Great spices in the mid-palate, again with the pepper and some clove. The finish is probably one of the best I’ve tasted. Almost makes me think it’s barrel-aged because there is this enormous vanilla and custard flavor with bananas and peaches.

I’m very inexperienced with Boulevard, this being probably the third beer I’ve had from them. This changed my opinion of them. I can only hope Tank 7 can live up to this. 93 points.

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