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Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal Stout


This is a pretty well-known, and highly-rated oatmeal stout. I have to admit that I’ve bought this beer several times before I got around to rating it because I just kept drinking it all. Like a lot of imported beers, I can’t find much information about this beer at all.

Oatmeal Stout. 5.0% ABV. England.

Not the darkest stout ever, brown edges. It has a gorgeous tan head that keeps lasting and lasting.

The nose smells delicious. It has this sort of tart smell to it, with fruit. I’ve used the term baked apples before, but I have never smelled a beer that so closely represents baked apples than this. Wait, it has to be granny smith apples though, because it’s got that sourness with an apple-y flavor, with a bit of sweetness and spice.

Thick but pretty highly carbonated mouth feel, giving it an awfully easy drinkability.

Slightly sweet, slightly sour with apples, bananas, caramel, spices, brown sugar, and a hint of hops. The roasted malts are actually quite low making this fairly sweet.

I love this beer. It’s not really what you would expect from a stout, very little roastedness, and higher sweetness and fruity-ness, but it’s pretty damn delicious. Great intro beer, as well. 91 points.

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