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21st Amendment Fireside Chat



This winter warmer is the new winter seasonal from 21A. I love the can art on this beer. The malts are Pale, Munich, Wheat, Crystal, Aromatic, Chocolate and de-bittered Black malts with Magnum and Goldings hops. Included, as well, are spices and cocoa nibs.

Winter Warmer. 7.9% ABV. 45 IBUs. California. Winter Seasonal, available from October-December.

Nice dark mahogany color, with a little bit of off-white head.

Interesting nose. I get some toasted malts with quite a lot of fruity-ness. There is a bit of spice, but doesn’t stand out a whole lot. I do get a really heavy dose of like baked fruits, apples and cherries mainly with brown sugar all over them.

Mouthfeel is alright, but a tad light.

Similar to the nose, but not quite as pronounced. The front-end especially lacks a lot of flavor, but the mid-palate has some nice spice and fruit notes and has a slightly tart thing going on. The finish is actually pretty nice as I get this heavy dose of vanilla, baked apples, and plumb.

It’s decent, but it’s no Jubelale. It’s only got a C on BA so far with only 13 reviews, so I clearly liked it better than others. 86 points.


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