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Dogfish Head Festina Peche


This Berliner Weisse is brewed with peach concentrate. Their version is slightly tart, but that seems to be from the peaches, and not an added bacteria traditionally used.

Berliner Weisse. 4.5% ABV. Delaware. Summer Seasonal.

Pale yellow color, slightly cloudy. No head, whatsoever.

The nose reminds me exactly of something, but I can’t for the life of me figure out what it is. I’m thinking some sort of medicine, or like, old Koolaid. You know how Koolaid tastes after being in the fridge for a week? Of course, lots of peach, but smells kind of artificial.

High carbonation, very light body.

Again, it reminds me a lot of whatever that thing is. Lots of peach, lemon, and other light, tart fruits. Flavor really dies down near the back-end, and you are left with a little peach, slight lemon and some tartness. It’s really not sour, just a little tart.

Not a big fan of this. Flavor is just too light, too narrow, and too artificial. 83 points.

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