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Sierra Nevada Southern Hemisphere Harvest Fresh Hop Ale ’10


I’m not sure why this beer just popped up in my local grocery store, since it’s supposed to be released in the Summer. But regardless this specialty release features all New Zealand hops including Pacific Hallertau, New Zealand Motueka, and New Zealand Southern Cross, which are shipped to California to be used in this beer a week after being picked. The malts include Pale and Carame.

India Pale Ale. 6.7% ABV. 66 IBUs. California.

Burnt orange color, with a sticky head that doesn’t seem to go anywhere.

IPA’s don’t smell much better than this. Gorgeous perfume-y hops on the nose with grapefruit and citrus bursting through the seams with a nice malty, caramel aroma. You can just tell how well made this beer is from the nose. If you could ever smell balance in a beer, this is it.

Great, fairly full-bodied mouthfeel. It’s slightly sticky with a perfect level of carbonation.

Yep, balanced! Bursting hop flavors with a ton of citrus, with a floral and earth note. Some caramel and vanilla are also added to this. It definitely has the bitterness for it to not be mistaken as anything other than an IPA, but beautifully balanced.

There is nothing wrong with this beer. It’s straight-forward in the IPA department, but it’s crafted as well as any. Gorgeous hop flavor with the right amount of malts to make this a balanced, and spectacular IPA. If you have a craving for hops, you need to get this beer. 92 points

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