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New Belgium Lips Of Faith Sahti


This Lips of Faith is the Finnish beer style Sahti. This is the one and only Sahti that I’ve ever had. This version is a rye ale brewed with juniper. I don’t believe this version is traditional due to the use of Cascade and Amarillo hops. The malts include Pale, Crystal, and rye with whole oats. In addition to juniper boughs and juniper berries, orange and lemon peel are also added to the mash.

Sahti. 7.2% ABV. Colorado.

Pale ale colored, with not much head.

Not much on the nose except for a little grainy and malty with a lemon peel aroma. Very pale ale like again.

Thickness is good, but it’s really carbonated.

Wow, this really isn’t very good. Not a lot of flavor in here. Upfront palate brings almost nothing. I get some slight malt flavor on the mid-palate but then it gets this terrible taste at the end. It’s bitter but no flavor.

Uhmmm. I don’t understand this beer. It’s supposed to be spiced, but I don’t get spices. I really don’t get much of anything at all. 75 points.

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