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Saison Dupont


This is the classic saison. Saisons being one of my favorite styles of beer, I had to grab this. Saisons are light Belgian beers that are brewed in the winter to be consumed in the summer. Traditionally every farmhouse made their own beer, hence saisons are also referred to as farmhouse ales. Again, another very old brewer that has very little information about the beer.

Saison. 6.5% ABV. Belgium.

Sort of a golden yellow color, but full of sediment, leaves a nice white head.

Really nice nose, I get a lot of fruit. Very fragrant, and very Belgian. Apples, bananas, peaches, and pears. That yeasty-ness appears a little, with a slightly sweet, brown sugar component.

Medium bodied, perfect mouthfeel.

All the same as the nose with pineapple. There is a tad bit of bitterness on the back. I do find it slightly light, would be good in the summer, but I really wish there was more flavor on my palate.

Again, just kinda light, otherwise it would receive a higher score. Definitely check out this beer. 89 points.

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