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Bass Pale Ale


Here is a classic. Many of you have had this English pale ale. Couldn’t find much information about what’s actually in the beer, just a lot of information about the brand. I’ll skip all the history, which you can do a quick wikipedia search for. But it’s pretty interesting that the red triangle logo is actually the first registered trademark in the UK. Also, this is the classic pairing with Guinness for the black and tan, which is why I bought this beer in the first place.

English Pale Ale. 5.0% ABV. England.

Appearance is dark yellow, looks kind of like a macro lager. No head.

Malts and fruit come out on the nose, and quite a bit of brown sugar actually. But a ton of fruit here, including apples, bananas, pears and strawberries.

Light and carbonated mouthfeel, very session friendly.

There’s a bit of a malty bready-ness here and just a tad mineralistic. Less fruit on the palate. Pretty one-dimensional actually. Don’t get any hops, other than a little bitterness on the back.

Not much going on on this one, but not the worst thing ever. 82 points.

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