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Chatoe Rogue First Growth Dirtoir


This is actually a black lager from Rogue’s Chatoe line. The Chatoe series is essentially an estate beer, meaning that most, if not all, of the ingredients come from them. This beer features Melanoidin, Carafe Special II, Black, Chocolate, Rogue’s Risk malts with Rogue’s Independent and Revolution hops.

Schwarzbier. 15º Plato (6.0% ABV). 35 IBUs. Oregon.

This is black, no light is coming through here at all. It’s got a pretty dark tan colored head.

The nose comes across like a nice stout. A ton of roasted malts on here, giving a lot of coffee and chocolate. I’m also getting this really earthy, dirt component. A hint of tobacco and vanilla. And a slight woody scent. Nice nose.

This is medium bodied, but fairly high carbonation giving it a rather light and easy drinking mouthfeel.

A bit subdued at first, but the chocolate really coats the palate. Nice roasted coffee flavors with a shot of vanilla, a squeeze of orange, a hand-full of dirt. Maybe a few oak chips fell into the batch with a Starbucks mocha. Low bitterness and a nice finish of mocha.

This is the best Rogue beer I’ve had. This is essentially a light stout, but easy drinking. Grab this beer if you can find it. 91 points.

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