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Anderson Valley Hop Ottin’


The website claims to have Pacific Northwest hops, but doesn’t say what hops those are, so not much help there. It’s an 80 IBU IPA, so let’s see if this sucker is a total hop bomb.

India Pale Ale. 7.0% ABV. 80 IBUs. California.

Very coppery color, that leaves a little head, but fantastic lacing.

Some fresh pine comes through on the nose, but I also notice this sort of cream aroma. It smells very creamy, whatever that means. I’m also getting some orange and tobacco, but not a very aromatic nose.

Nice medium bodied mouthfeel with decent carbonation.

Citrus and pine up front, and quite a bit of orange. The pine flavor rides throughout the whole palate. This is a pretty green and bitter beer. Some biscuit flavors come through. Not that much else.

This is a pretty full-flavored beer, but there isn’t that much complexity. Quite a bit of bitterness on this one, and not as well-balanced as many highly rated beers that I’ve had recently. Very solid effort, but also very boring in my opinion. 88 points.

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