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Der Hirschbrau Neuschwansteiner


I enjoyed the other Hirschbrau beer that I had, so I thought I’d give this one a shot. Definitely not my favorite style, but I do like a good lager when I can find one. Let’s see how it tastes.

Munich Helles Lager. 4.7% ABV. Germany.

Very golden color, with not much of a head at all.

The nose smells pretty similar to a light adjunct. I get some fruit and grainy notes. Slightly sweet, with honey coming through a lot. Some light fruits, with cherries and bananas that come across.

Very light mouthfeel with quite a bit of carbonation.

Grainy, sweet, a bit fruity, with a lot of honey. Metallic, off-putting mid-palate. Ends in a decidedly macro-lager way.

This is better than most macro-lagers, but barely. I do not recommend. 79 points.

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