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Rogue Single Malt Ale


This is the second Chatoe Rogue beer that I’ve had, and I loved the first one. This beer is made with only Rogue’s Dare malt with Rogue’s Hopyard Revolution hops and of course has the Pacman yeast.

Blonde Ale. 4.8% ABV. (12º Plato). 35 IBUs. Oregon.

Amber in color, great head and lacing.

Hops on the nose with a little pinesol action. Some good citrus flavors on the nose; orange, tangerine, pineapple and a little pear. Diacytel comes through a bit, but more contained than a lot of their beers.

Medium bodied, decent mouthfeel.

A lot of citrus up front, but some malts come through, which is actually really nice. Fairly balanced beer, some of that aforementioned diacytel, but not too bad. Slight bitterness on the back, but not bad.

A decent beer, give it a try. 88 points.

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