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Victory Yakima Twilight


I was pretty excited when I found this beer. This was one I wanted to try for awhile. A lot of that is because Yakima Valley produces most of the hops in the US. Something around 70-75% of the hops in the US are grown in Washington. Why this beer is being made by a Pennsylvania brewery and not a Washington brewery is beyond me. This is going to be a slight rant, so you may want to skip straight to the review right now. Why isn’t Washington producing world-class beers. We have everything for it. You can go right across the river, and find such breweries as Deschutes and Hair of the Dog that produce beers on such a cult status that people are willing to give up a lot to get them. Where is Washington’s Pliny? This state should be making the most sought after IPA’s in the world.

American Strong Ale. 8.7% ABV. Pennsylvania.

Dark red with a fluffy tan head and great lacing.

The nose reminds me of the forests in Washington state. Nice pine and citrus aromas with lemon and orange plus there is a little perfume-y thing here as well.

Good medium bodied mouthfeel.

Hops right away on the palate with oranges, almost candied orange. I get quite a lot of fruit on the mid-palate with citrus, cherries, apples, and bananas. The the pine and the bitternesss set in at the back end. Well balanced, but high bitterness.

Pretty decent brew here, grab this one if you can get it, but you may need to wait till next year. 89 points.

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