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This beer is from one of the seven Trappist breweries. It’s also the only beer that is it’s own style. I was pretty excited to finally try this beer. This is the only beer that they really make for the public and they do a dry-hopping between a first and second fermentation.

Belgian Pale Ale. 6.9% ABV. Belgium.

Coppery color with a fantastic head and great lacing. It’s a bit cloudy with a little bit of yeast.

So, I had to wait awhile for this beer to warm up, cause the nose is very limited. Now that it’s warmed up, I get some citrus, especially lemon. It’s also a bit sweet, and has that Belgian yeasty aroma going on. I get some olives, and just a tad bit of funkyness, with a little bit of spices.

Medium bodied, but not all that carbonated, especially not like the other Trappists I’ve had.

There are some malts up front with lemon and a bit of a floral component coming through, I get some more spices following, and some nice baked apple flavors. The finish is surprisingly bitter, and has a bit of a floral, spicy, apple-y flavor, but very subtle.

This is a very highly respected beer, receiving a A- on Beer Advocate, but I don’t see it. The flavors are so light, and it feels so watered down that I’m completely shocked. I have to try this beer again, because this just isn’t spectacular in any way. The bottle is about 8 months old, and maybe it just needs to be aged much longer. 81 points.

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