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Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Marzen


Sorry about the lack of updates, just got back in town and will be updating on a regular basis again.

This is the signature product from a very historic brewery in Germany. Smoke beers are this breweries specialty. They do make one beer that isn’t a smoke beer, but apparently it tastes smokey any way, but this Marzen is their most well-known beer. It’s been described as one of the most acquired tastes in beer.

Rauchbier Marzen. 5.1% ABV. Germany.

Pretty dark colored, looks a bit like a Coke, with brown hues. It leaves a nice tan colored head.

So, it smells smokey, not that much like a campfire, but more like BBQ. In fact it smells just like a good BBQ place should smell like. It’s actually really meaty and spicy. But you don’t get much more than that on the nose.

Light to medium bodied and pretty low carbonation. Surprisingly light.

I’m just imagining eating a rack of ribs right now with a nice dry rub. The smokeyness, with the meatyness, and the spices just really make this taste like some serious BBQ. The smoke flavor is not obnoxious at all, it’s really delicious. I get just a little bit of hops on the back which has just a little bit of bitterness, but not much at all. And you just are left with this amazing spice flavor in the mouth.

I just fell in love with this beer. It’s considered to be kind of an acquired taste, and some people just won’t be able to drink this without food. This would be tremendous to pair with food, but frankly, I can just sip this all night. 92 points.

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