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Hofbrau Original


This is from the world famous Hofbrau brewery. Don’t know much about the beer itself, but it’s their helles or bright lager. It’s a similar style to a Pilsner, in fact, this style was created specifically to keep German’s drinking their own beer instead of the increasingly popular lagers coming out of Bohemia in the 1800s.

Munich Helles Lager. 5.1% ABV. Germany.

Very golden color, looks like a Bud or something, but with better head retention.

Very malty nose, with a lot of lemon coming through, but I’m really not getting much more than that.

Very carbonated and very light.

Very malty flavor with lemon coming through on the palate as well, and maybe a little bit of grainyness, but that is about it on this beer.

I can’t figure out why this beer has an B+ on Beer Advocate, it’s very sessionable, but tastes only a little better than a BMC type lager. The only really redeeming quality about this beer is the ability to be paired with lots of food choices and is easy drinking, but then there are so many better lagers. 79 points.

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