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Skagit River Sculler’s IPA


Not much is known about this beer, other than it is described as very hoppy with a considerable malt backbone. This is a local brewery to me, and I’ve been surprised by the quality coming out of there. They have a stout that was shockingly good called Trumpeter. Let’s see if this IPA is as good.

American India Pale Ale. 6.8% ABV. Washington.

Dark copper colored, with a decent head and great lacing. This also has the most sediment i’ve ever seen in a beer, 10 fold. It’s completely loaded with junk, and I’m talking big chunks here. Once settled, there is about a half inch of sediment on the bottom of the glass. Looking at the bottom of the glass, it looks completely disgusting.

Hoppy nose with a clear malt under body. Nice pineyness on the nose. I actually get a lot of vanilla on here, and just a little bit of citrus and sweetness.

Medium bodied, not very heavy and low carbonation.

Some citrus up front with vanilla. Then some of that pine and earthy flavors take over. The back end is quite bitter. It’s a bit off balanced and kind of boring.

I’m still shocked by the sediment in this. I think I’m gonna go buy another bottle and see how it compares. As for the beer itself, not all that impressed. 83 points.

-I did grab another bottle, and it had sediment, but not like the first one I had. Beer itself tasted the same, so I’ll go ahead and up the score by a point. 84 points.

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