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6/6/10 Tasting

I had some awesome beers at a recent tasting. I had to cut it short to run to a friend’s recital, but here are a couple pics I took. Next time, I’ll be sure to take a bunch more, and maybe add some tasting notes.


The Blind Pig was the star of that line-up for me. So delicious, it was really hoppy, but Russian River makes it so balanced. The Hop Wrangler used some Belgian yeasts that gave it a Red Vine flavor, it was pretty wild. And the cream ale on the left side tasted exactly like English peas, it was incredibly vegetal, and not delicious.


Other than the Blind Pig, this Stone was awesome. It’s 3 years old, but the hops were still present with a good amount of mint. But the stout flavors really showed well with roasted malts, a shit-ton of coffee and a hint of vanilla. It had some barrel aging nuances.


This was an alright beer, didn’t knock my socks off.


This was a sour beer. It apparently wasn’t intended to be sour, but it certainly was when we tried it. But regardless, it was a bit tasty.

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