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A New Washington State Beer Tax

There is a new Washington State beer tax that was just implemented yesterday. Seattle Beer News has the breakdown on what it all means. But essentially the tax is on beer SOLD in Washington state, not just in domestic breweries here. It’s not a consumer tax, but a producer tax, and will not tax a brewery selling less than 60,000 barrels in Washington. The exception to that rule is beer 10% ABV or more, which will be taxed regardless. So it’s possible you will not see any price increase on your favorite beers, but you probably will on Sierra Nevada and Sam Adams and all macro beers. This tax moves Washington up to a top 5 state in highest beer taxes. Go Washington!

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  1. Bill
    July 22, 2010 at 4:03 pm

    Found this site looking into the new beer tax in Washington. I’ll check back and read your reviews – you have access to more beers than I do here in Pasco (Tri-Cities). On a hot day, I chug Miller High Life. Last summer, at the local Sun Mart, $9.99 per 18 pack. Then $10.99. Then, this spring, $12.99. Today, they said it is going to $14.99 (up 50%!). Sum Mart blamed the distributor. I called the local Columbia Distributing, and they blamed the tax! Wow, tax goes up $0.84 per 18-pack, and they raise the price by $5 (50%). Time to switch to micro-brews full time. Ice Harbor lifetime mug member…

    • atattooedtale
      July 23, 2010 at 4:14 pm

      Thanks for the comment Bill. How’s the weather on your side of the mountains? This is probably the first I’ve heard of the tax bringing up the price that much, ouch. At least the craft stuff is staying the same. Go enjoy a frosty mug of Yakima. I hear that make some good stuff!

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