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Corsendonk Agnus


Corsendonk has the most elegant website ever, but not all that much info about this beer. It has pale malts, but that’s about all I know.

Tripel. 7.5% ABV. Belgium.

Pale yellow, golden color. Fluffy head, but doesn’t last too terribly long. Cloudy in appearance, with lots of carbonation streams.

Very Belgian. Very yeasty on the nose with lots of fruits coming through. Banana and citrus for days.

Very carbonated and medium bodied. Easy drinking, if it weren’t for that highish alcohol level.

Hint of sweetness up front, but finishes kinda dry. Very yeasty on the palate, with a lot of fruit. Seems to get just a little bit hollow in the mid-palate.

Pretty decent brew. It’s not trappist, but still it’s pretty good stuff. 90 points.

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