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Alhambra Negra


Don’t know anything about this beer other than it’s a Spanish dark adjunct lager. I saw it in the store for cheap, so I thought “what the hell?”

Euro Dark Lager. 5.4% ABV. Spain.

Quite dark with reddish hues. Almost porter like, with a light, fading head. And absolutely no lacing.

I get a weird olive smell first of all, then I get a very mass produced lager smell. Very adjunct smelling, sweet and grainy. There is some fruit on the nose, which is alright.

Very light mouthfeel, and high carbonation. Again, similar to a mass produced lager.

This little gem has very little flavor. There are some fruit notes in here, especially banana, and perhaps a hint of spice, but I’m stretching here. Someone forgot the mid-palate and after drinking it, I can’t taste beer anymore. I might as well have been drinking water. Astringent and off-balanced bitterness. And there is an overriding metallic flavor throughout this beer.

If your idea of good beer is Bud-light than this might be up your alley. And I would still rather drink a Bud-light, it’s less offensive. 73 points.

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