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Today is a great day. The Chicago Blackhawks have swept the San Jose Sharks and are advancing to the Stanley Cup Finals for the first time in 18 years. Today is a day for Duvel.

I don’t know much about what is in this beer other than Pilsner malts and Bohemian hops. But be sure to take the advice given on the bottle: “best enjoyed chilled with discerning friends and good-looking strangers.”

Belgian Strong Ale. 8.5% ABV. Belgium.

Extremely blonde, and hazy. Looks like a wheat beer, except it has the most magnificent head I’ve ever seen on a beer. It’s just incredibly stark white and thick. And there are constant streams of carbonation floating up like a sparkling wine.

The aroma is very Belgian. Very yeasty, with some citrus and a little bit of sweetness. A little honey and actually quite fruity. Reminds me a bit of a Champagne actually, great nose.

Quite drinkable. Lots of carbonation, but I actually like it in this beer, and light in the mouth.

Yum. I get everything on the nose, on the palate. Lots of yeast and fruits coming through with a bit of honey sweetness. And just a little bit of bitterness. But this is really balanced, with out the yeast flavors overwhelming the nuances.

This is extremely good. This is also a good intro to Belgians because it’s quite drinkable and the alcohol isn’t an issue. 94 points.

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