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New Belgium Lips of Faith Eric’s Ale


Named after New Belgium’s brewer Eric Salazar, this sour beer combines a dry sour beer aged up to 3 years in oak with a sweeter higher alcohol base beer. That blend is then refermented with peach juice. Interesting concept, huh?

American Sour Ale. 7.0% ABV. 16 IBUs. Colorado.

Looks like apple juice, no head.

Very fruity nose. Lots of tropical fruits and certainly peaches. There is a tad bit of oak, but the fruit really take over the nose. A little bit of vanilla comes through, part of that oak treatment.

Light and carbonated mouthfeel.

Man, that is sour. Lots of fruit and a Belgian yeast flavor. Very Champagne like, actually. Very tart, but also delicious with the fruit. A bit sweet that dries slightly near the end. Love the peach flavor with quite a bit of tropical fruits. The back end has nice vanilla and oak notes when the sour-ness and fruit calm down.

I really like this beer. An interesting style with great flavors, complexity, and overall delicousness. 91 points.

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