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Rogue Double Dead Guy Ale 2009


This is Rogue’s Double Dead Guy, the 2009 vintage. I actually reviewed this before the regular Dead Guy. This beer features 2-Row, Munich, and C15 malts with only Cascade hops. The ingredients are actually not at all the same, which is interesting.

Strong Ale. 19.8º Plato (Around 8% ABV.). Oregon.

Sort of a dark coppery color, doesn’t leave that much head.

The nose is grainy and fruity with a little bit of alcohol coming through. I’m getting a lot of lemon, apricot and pears. A lot of breadyness is coming through also.

Medium to full bodied, pretty thick actually.

Fruits hit the palate first with lemon, sour cherries, apricots, pears, and plums. Then it gets really bready and grainy. Apricots on the finish, where it drys out and gets a bit earthy with a hop bitterness.

Not a bad beer, not killing me either. Definitely not worth the normal price for it. 88 points.

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