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Sierra Nevada 30th Anniversay Fritz & Ken Ale


The Sierra Nevada 30th Anniversary Series is a dedication to those who paved the way in craft brewing. There are going to be 4 beers coming out this year, and this is the first, called Fritz & Ken’s Ale. Fritz Maytag is the owner of Anchor Brewing, arguably the first craft beer brewery since prohibition. Ken Grossman is the founder of Sierra Nevada, which is probably the second-largest craft brewer in the nation and a very respected one at that. If you havn’t had their Pale Ale, then you are making a big mistake.

Imperial Stout. 9.2% ABV. California.

Almost black, lighter than some stouts with a tan head.

This nose is very coffee-ish. Lots of espresso coming through, with a roasted quality and a kiss of chocolate and caramel. I’m getting some vanilla and spices here, as well. It’s got that Starbucks thing happening. Oddly I’m getting some peaches and pears in here too. Also, just a hint of mint.

Really thick, fantastic mouthfeel.

It’s really got that coffee drink profile going on. Lots of coffee and a roasted quality with chocolate syrup and vanilla. Very roasted on the mid-palate, with some brighter notes appearing towards the end of the palate. The finish is very strongly roasted with a bit of bitterness, and a hair of alcohol.

Very well made stuff here, but it isn’t ripping my face off or anything. Good solid brew, but maybe a little bit off-balanced on the back end. I’m recommending it, but there are probably some other ways to go for the price tag. 90 points.

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