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Full Sail Session


This beer is a throwback. It comes in little stubby bottles, and is an all-malt American pale lager. It’s the type of beer that all the macro lagers are derived from. But instead of continuing to be shitty, Full Sail wanted to produce the real-deal lager. Pale lagers are rarely made by craft brewers, and scoffed at by many a beer geek. I’m not among that crowd, because I believe that these can be just as good as ales if made with the same attention as craft brewers are with ales and dark lagers. That being said, this beer isn’t supposed to be some culty beer. The name session says it all. This is a session beer, a beer that you can have a few of. It’s a low alcohol beer, and it has the lightness and mouthfeel to allow you to drink them. Why should you have to settle for Bud Light to have something on a hot day, or hanging out with friends at a BBQ?

American Pale Lager. 5.1% ABV. 18 IBUs. Oregon.

fairly typical lager color, pretty yellow. Head does not last.

An actually fairly aromatic nose. Very Pilsner like, with hops coming through. I get just a touch of greeness on here, like a little grass. Also smells slightly metallic for some reason, but not off-putting, and just a slight hint of citrus. Lemons come through quite a bit.

What you would expect from the name, very light with pretty high carbonation.

Actually some good things going on on the palate here. Again, pilsner like with the hops, and a lot of citrus come through. Just a tad sour, most people wont notice. The orange flavor is nice, and I do get a little lettuce in here from the hops, which I also like.

This is exactly the beer that Full sail was trying to make, a session brew. This is something that is easy drinking, with low alcohol, but that actually has flavor instead of your mass produced lagers. Not mind shattering by any means, but perfectly solid, and a good choice when you need something like this, very refreshing. I just want to eat Mexican food and down a couple of these right now. Let’s go 88 points.

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