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Stone Old Guardian Early 2010


Everyone seems to be releasing their barleywine right now. Here is Stone’s interpretation. Not much information on the website. It seems that the hops vary by year, and I have no idea about the malts.

Barleywine. 11.1% ABV. 95 IBUs. California.

Typical barleywine color with a dark copperyness, with a bit of sediment.

Nice nose here, the malts come through a lot with some nice fruit, cherry coming through strong, not something I get too often. This nose is actually just a tad sour smelling, which I find interesting.

Medium bodied with a little more carbonation than I’m used to on barleywines.

Really malt driven, with quite a bit of sweetness. Vanilla, oak, citrus, and apple come through. But there are some hops in here. I do get a pretty earthy flavor towards the end of the mid-palate and there’s a tad of pine on the end with a decent dose of bitterness. Nice brown sugar flavors and the alcohol is just barely present on the backend, but not too much note about that considering it’s 11.1.

Another good barelywine. Again, and again, it’s hard to review these beers, and unfair, given that they are fresh. The potential here is great, and would love to pair it next to the much more hoppy Bigfoot in a couple years. 91 points.

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