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Full Sail Slipknot Reserve ’10


Here is one of the current releases in the Brewmaster’s Reserve series from Full Sail. I’ve reviewed the 2009 version here. The description on the website doesn’t specify any hops or malts. But let’s see how it compares to the decent, but lack-luster ’09.

Imperial India Pale Ale. 8.2% ABV. 80 IBUs. Oregon. January to March availability.

Light copper in color. Holds a pretty good head and has some nice lacing.

The aroma is actually quite bready. The malts come through strong with a cheddar component. There is a pine scent though with some nice spices. A lot less fruit on this nose than I’m used to in imperial IPAs.

Medium bodied, actually quite thick, which I like, but also has just the right amount of carbonation.

Malts up-front with that bready component. The fruit comes through here on the palate. I get a hint of grapefruit and lemon. The pine is on the backend with a large dose of grapefruit. Man, this is bitter. I feel like I just ate some hop flowers. The bitterness is a little over-the-top and is going to turn a lot of people off of this.

I’m really not all that impressed with this beer. I like Full Sail quite a bit, but this is the second time I’ve reviewed this beer and it’s just over-the-top bitterness. 85 points.

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