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Washington State IPA Blind Challenge Pt. 4

Beer 7-8 Pairing


Both beers here are almost exactly the same amber color, beer 8 is just a tiny bit darker, but you can barely tell. But beer 8 holds a much better head and lacing then beer 7, which has almost no head or lacing.

Beer 7 is more fruity than anything else, apples, orange, honey. It’s actually kind of Belgian smelling, with a slight yeast component. Not a bad nose. Beer 8 has more hops coming through with a slight cheesy component. Baked apples come through strong on this beer, with some slight chocolate shavings. Really nice nose.

Light to medium bodied on beer 7 with better carbonation. Beer 8 has by far the thickest mouthfeel and also has good carbonation.

Beer 7 has a pretty typical flavor profile, a lot of fruits coming through and has more flavor then some of them, not as light. Hops do come out, with a slight grassy, earthyness. Definitely some bitterness on this one, a bit off-balanced, but not a bad beer. Beer 8 has even more hops and a lot more pine coming through. Alcohol seems to come through a bit more then the rest, but not very noticeable. But bitter city in this beer. And that bitterness lasts for days. This is definitely one of the best in this tasting.

Both pretty decent beers. Beer 7, 85 points. Beer 8, 86 points.

And the loser is…


Pyramid Thunderhead IPA
India Pale Ale. 6.7% ABV. Seattle, Washington.

And another Seattle beer bites the dust. Although I didn’t hate this beer. This is widely available in Western Washington, and fairly cheep. So this is the other beer I believed wasn’t going to make it to the next round, so I predicted correct, although in a different pairing it certainly might have. This beer is brewed with Nugget, Summit, or Tomahawk hops, the website says, with 2-Row, Munich, Caramel, and Carapils malts.

And this concludes the first round with half the beers eliminated.

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