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Washington State IPA Blind Challenge Pt. 3

Beer 5-6 Pairing


Beer 6 is the darkest beer so far, with a caramel, coppery color. It also has a thinner head than beer 5. Beer 5 is a pretty amber color, with better head retention and lacing than beer 6.

beer 5 has a pretty prominent pine component, and much less sweet than the other beers. It has a bit of a Lysol, aerosol spray thing going on, but it’s not bad. Some spices come through, as well, with a hint of citrus, a pleasant nose. Beer 6 is a pretty closed nose. It is much darker than the rest of the beers I’ve had so far. A bit of caramel and some dark fruit, maybe raisins as well, but that is about it. Going back to beer 5 after smelling beer 6, it actually ends up smelling very chemically, and really not good at all. Very interesting.

Very light mouthfeel, again, for beer 5. Beer 6 maybe a bit thicker, but not much, and little carbonation, like beer 5.

apples straight away, a little more hops come through here with quite a bit of pine starting on the mid-palate and progressing towards the end, which has much more bitterness then the other beers. And a lot more off-balanced then the other beers. Beer 6 is much more balanced with a lot of fruits coming through. Some milk chocolate at the front end, then apple and grapefruit, and a bit of applesauce with cinnamon. But it is a bit watered-down and light in flavor.

Beer 6 is definitely the best beer of the tasting so far, and it’s also the darkest. Beer 5, 82 points. Beer 6, 85 points.

And this round’s loser is…

Hale’s Mongoose IPA
India Pale Ale. 6.0% ABV. Seattle, Washington.

Another Seattle beer that has Centennial and Nugget hops with Pale and Crystal malts. A pretty straight-forward beer.

Let’s take a look at the bracket now…
1stdaybracket copy

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