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Pyramid Fling


This is Pyramid’s brand new beer, a Spring seasonal pale ale. It has 2-row and Caramel malts with Nugget and Willamette hops and a Cascade-Fuggle hybrid.

American Pale Ale. 5.2% ABV. 36 IBUs. Seattle, Washington. February-March.

Actually very pale in color, like a Pilsner yellow. Leaves a pretty decent head and lacing.

Really not getting too much on the nose, just some malts. I do get a bit of fruityness, which I’m liking. Apricot comes out quite a bit.

Light to medium bodied with high carbonation. Very drinkable.

I’m really not getting much hops on the palate at all, which is making me slightly angry. It’s quite malty with a ton of fruit. There is so much apricot in this beer, I almost think it was contaminated from that apricot beer that they make. The end is very malty, with a kind of low, but off-balanced bitterness. Yeah, it leaves that really bready flavor on your palate, and I’m not really digging it.

Can’t say much about this beer, really didn’t dig it. Pretty boring and off-balanced, and where did the hops go? On the plus side, it is pretty non-offensive and easy drinking, and really cheap (at least in western Washington). 79 points.

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