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Full Sail LTD Series Recipe 01


I’ve reviewed recipe 02 and 03 of these LTD lagers from Full Sail. I’ve been a big fan of these beers, because not too many craft lagers are produced, and because they are just pretty damn good. I was super pumped when I saw they re-released the 01 bock. The other two beers were light lagers, and this one a dark, so I hope it compares. It’s brewed with pale, chocolate, and caramel malts with Hallertauer, Czech Saaz and Styrian Goldings Hops.

Bock. 6.4% ABV. 26 IBUs. Oregon.

Kind of a dark mahogany color. The head goes away pretty quickly.

Not getting much on the nose here at all. Just a tiny bit of maltyness comes through with brown sugar and honey. I get a little bit of a vanilla-y component that I like, and there are some fruits in here. I kinda get this like baked apple/pear thing that I kinda like.

Light to medium body with a good amount of carbonation, easy drinker.

The palate is better than the nose. Pretty malty with some caramel and brown sugar flavors, honey, apple, pear, vanilla, and ends with just a little bit of bitterness, not much.

I wish there was a little more flavor here, but it’s not bad. It’s a very easy drinking dark lager. So if you want something to have a few of with a little sweetness, this is a good choice. 86 points.

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