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Boundary Bay Old Bounder


I’d love to tell you about this beer, but I honestly can’t find any information on it. I can’t even find it on their website. But regardless, it’s Boundary Bay’s barleywine. Barleywines are very big beers. Sometimes they are sweet, but always high in alcohol. These are the type of beers that you can age for years.

Barleywine. 9.6% ABV. Beautiful Bellingham, Washington.

Dark brown, caramelized color, with an okay head and decent lacing.

Pretty sweet nose, the caramel malts coming through big. Brown sugar and molasses. I get a little bit of heat on the nose. Some nice plum and dark fruits here as well.

A little cloying with a bit of carbonation, but pretty hefty mouthfeel.

Very similar taste to the nose. Lots of caramel malts. A little bit of hop backbone, but not very noticeable. A hair of alcohol on the breath from the backend. Again, nice dark fruit flavors.

Solid brew. One of my favorites from Boundary Bay. 90 points.

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