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Full Sail Vesuvius 2009


Full Sail had a yearly, rotating schedule of reserve beers. This one is from last year, and might be hard to find now, and they are not producing it this year. Here is a list of their current releases (careful, pdf). This golden pale ale is brewed with 2-Row malt and Turbinado sugar, and also has Saaz and Styrian hops to balance.

Belgian Golden Ale. 8.2% ABV. Oregon.

Golden in color, very clear. Very little head and lacing.

Very similar to a Belgian on the nose. Very yeasty with a ton of fruit. Lots of bananas, citrus, and peaches. Some spice aromas as well. And there’s this tobacco component that I’m liking too.

Pretty light and crisp. High carbonation, but not anymore than many Belgian counterparts.

All of that fruit comes through in just ridiculous amount at the front. I’m getting almost a fruit roll-up characteristic, because it’s so pronounced. The spices are in here too, and again, that tobacco flavor picks up at the end. Just a hint of alcohol, but hardly worth noting.

Pretty cool beer for a PNW brewery. Very similar in style of a Belgian golden. I would still probably recommend a Duvel over this, but nothing wrong here at all. Good stuff. 91 points.

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