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Sierra Nevada Southern Hemisphere ’09 2nd Release


This is a limited release from Sierra Nevada. What makes this beer interesting is that it’s brewed with ingredients from the Southern Hemisphere, New Zealand to be exact. It has Pacific Hallertau, New Zealand Motueka, and New Zealand Souther Cross hops. Now, it says that it’s a fresh hopped beer. Normally, that means that they put in fresh hops, not dried, after the boiling of the wart. In this case, it says the hops are dried, but then flown to California within the week to be brewed with. So really it’s like a fresh, dried hopped beer. This is getting confusing. Let’s see how it tastes.

American Pale Ale. 6.7% ABV. 66 IBUs. California.

A typical IPA/APA color, pretty coppery. Great head and lacing on this beer. Also really clowdy.

Lots of hops on the nose, of course, but also pretty malty. I get a great deal of caramel, but not super sweet like a 90 minute or something, but certainly has a hint of sugar. There is a nice little floral component mixed in with a hint of orange zest and lemon, hint of vanilla as well.

Again, it has the mouthfeel you come to expect from most IPA/APAs, fairly medium bodied with a decent amount of carbonation.

They aren’t joking around with the hops, but they are well balanced with plenty of malt, but without making it a candy-like concoction. Definitely some IBUs on the backend. A little bit of grapefruit here, with some orange and lemon. Actually does remind me a bit of the Torpedo.

Another fine example of an IPA/APA from Sierra Nevada, who I think is probably my favorite producer of the style. Well hopped, but balanced. 90 points.


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