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Elysian BiFrost


Winding down on the winter warmers, I have a couple more to post. This one is from Elysian, one of the better known breweries in Seattle. Their version is brewed mainly with Pale malt, and small amounts of Crystal and Munich malts. The hops include Centennial, Amarillo, Styrian Goldings hops. I want to give a quick shout out to Kevin and Mariko who both brought this along for me to try.

Winter Warmer. 7.5% ABV. Washington.

Definitely the lightest winter warmer I’ve ever seen. Pale to coppery in color, leaves just a little bit of head.

Interesting nose, with some hops coming through. It’s certainly malty, but there is a pineyness from the hops. I’m also getting some spices on here. There is a nice orange zest thing going on. I’m imagining like oranges and a bunch of spices all being baked in the oven, and then honey drizzled over the top.

Light carbonation with medium to heavy mouthfeel.

The palate isn’t exciting me as much as the nose. I get a lot of earthyness, with some spices. Some of that orange and honey flavors I get on the sides of my mouth. There is a nice apple spice flavor on the finish. But it also ends with too much bitterness, which is off-balanced, and astringent.

This is an alright beer, but it lacks balance, and it certainly isn’t what you would think of as a winter warmer. I think it’s solid enough to try, but much better choices are out there. I’m actually going to bring this down a point to an 86.

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