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Rogue Santa’s Private Reserve Ale


Here is a Christmas beer from Rogue, but it’s not a usual winter warmer. This is a red ale, which is another catch all type of category. But it should be a little bit less caramelized malts and possibly more hoppy. In fact this is double-hopped so it should be a bit hoppy. They use Chinook and Centennial hops with Great Western Harrington, Klages, Munich, Hugh Baird Carastan, and some Crystal malts. Some interesting malts in here, that I honestly am not familiar with.

Red Ale. 6.0% ABV (13° Plato). 44 IBUs. Oregon.

Reddish in color, holds a pretty good head.

A lot of hops come straight through on the nose, with some hefty malt undertones. Reminiscent of a winter warmer, but hoppier, and not as sweet. A little breadyness here too, interestingly enough. Not a great nose, it’s okay.

On the thicker side, decent mouthfeel. Has a bit of carbonation.

A lot of hops on the front end, actually pretty piney and green. The flavor goes away in the mid-palate, tastes like water. Then all of the malts show up in the back with a decent amount of hop bitterness. Very strange beer. Kind of astringent on the back, as well. My mouth is a bit upset here.

Rogue is a hit or miss for me lately. They can make a damn good brew, but they also make a few that fall flat. This one isn’t horrendous, but I’m not a fan. It’s a bit watered down and astringent. I’m not going to recommend it, but it did receive pretty decent marks on Beer Advocate. Let me know what you think about this one, if you’ve tried it. 84 points.

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