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Sierra Nevada Anniversary Ale ’09


This beer is brewed every fall to celebrate Sierra Nevada’s anniversary. This beer is all about the Cascade hop, which is used as a finishing and a dry hop. It also features Chinook hops for bittering, with Two-row Pale, Caramel, and Munich malts.

India Pale Ale. 5.9% ABV. California.

A typical IPA color, very coppery. Little bit of a head, that doesn’t last too long, but it does have some decent lacing.

Very hoppy, of course, but it has a weird vegetal component, actually pretty green. But quite a bit of citrus in here too, with a ton of orange. Also just a hint of vanilla in the aroma.

Pretty good carbonation, and actually a bit thicker on the mouth than a lot of IPAs.

Very piney up front, then a lot of orange peel comes in at the middle, and then grass at the end. This one is pretty green, but there is always a nice orange peel flavor pulling through. Bitterness is not over the top, and balanced. Some malts in here as well, just to balance.

Good beer, as usual from Sierra Nevada. Definitely recommending this one, so pick it up if you want a good IPA. 90 points.

What is your favorite California brewery?

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