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Kona Longboard Island Lager


Trying to get in the last of the lagers for the summer. Here is one brewed by Kona in Hawaii, so I’m not sure what the distribution is for their beers, but we get it here in Seattle. This one uses Pale and Wheat malts, with Mt. Hood, Hallertau, and Czech Saaz hops, so it’ll probably be fairly German styled.

Pale Lager. 5.5% ABV. Hawaii.

Classic lager color, golden yellow, but no lasting head.

Some hops on the nose, pilsner like. Malt comes through a little bit, with a hint of sweetness. Some nice fruit on here: bananas, orange, lemon. A little honey, and little bit of fresh cut grass. Nice nose.

Typical lager mouthfeel, fairly light in the mouth, with decent carbonation.

The taste really does not hold up to the nose. Really unimpressive, with a short finish. Another lager that tastes almost watered down. But I get some of those hops, giving it that fresh cut grass flavor. A little bit of orange and lemon. The banana really doesn’t come through strong on the palate.

This is serviceable, but not great. Good nose, but the taste was left somewhere else. Lets go with 82 points.

Question: I asked what Winter beer you were looking forward to, but what Summer beer are you gonna miss?

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