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Bridgeport Ebenezer


So I was running out of things to review, and this happened to still be in the fridge from last holiday season. I decided to review it. I havn’t had a ton from Bridgeport, but what I have had, has been pretty solid. This is their holiday beer, obviously, but I don’t much about what hops or malts are used in it. It is bottle-conditioned which seems to be very rare for a winter-warmer.

Winter Warmer. 6.4% ABV. Oregon.

Dark brown color, a little lighter than a coke. Head dissipates quickly. Lots of debre floating around in it.

Malty nose with lots of caramel, and a little coffee. A bit sweet, and actually a bit fruity. I get a ton of strawberry, and a little peach on the nose, which is awesome.

On the heavier side, but still very carbonated. Definitely a little chewy.

The palate is pretty similar to the nose. Again, lots of caramel, but that strawberry still comes through strong, and I love it. Slight bitterness on the back with some coffee notes.

This is one of the better winter warmers I had from last season. 89 points.

When the season rolls around, what is the winter beer you most look forward to?

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