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Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA


The 90 Minute IPA is the first IPA that Dogfish Head continually hopped, meaning they add hops for 90 minutes straight. They then dry hop the beer after the boil. To explain how the process works, I’ll let Dogfish Head tell you:

Double India Pale Ale. 9.0% ABV. Delaware.

Copper in color with a great foamy head.

Hoppy and malty on the nose, and a hint of alcohol. It has a bit of a sweet nose. I’m also picking up some citrus, vanilla, apple, hint of pine, and a little banana.

A bit thick, and a little carbonation,but not quite what I would call drinkability.

Loaded with hops of course, but not over the top. Also, it is quite malty and sweet. I get a lot of pine, banana, citrus, and a little bit of vanilla. A bit of a boozy back end, and definitely some hoppy bitterness.

Well this is an interesting beer. It’s very well made, and very complex, but It’s not killing me. The overwhelming malty sweetness really takes something away from it for me. It is 9.0% ABV, which is very well hidden, but you can taste a bit of it. I’m keeping one of these beers to age, and I hope the sweetness will mellow out. The most surprising thing about this beer though is it is not super hoppy. Maybe that is just because there is such a large malt presence. Perhaps it is my palate. 90 points.

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