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Issaquah Bullfrog Ale


Rogue acquired the Issaquah Brewery in 2000, but they still continue to produce the Bullfrog ales there. The Bullfrog ale is their namesake beer; a wheat produced with Hood, Saaz, and Horizon hops. It is also produced with Rogue’s Pacman yeast, so it is undoubtedly a different beer than what was originally produced there.

Wheat Ale. Around 5% ABV (12.5 degrees Plato). 16 IBUs. 84 AA. 5 degrees Lovibond. Washington.

Orange/honey colored, with no real head, and quite a bit of sediment.

Wheat and malt on the nose, but I also get a cool cinnamon-sugar thing. Kinda sweet. Interesting nose.

Pretty well carbonated, refreshing mouth feel, but a bit thicker than some wheats.

Again I get cinnamon, and I kinda like it. A hint of orange. Wheaty, of course. Pretty subtle flavors, like the last hefe I had from Rogue, but this is far better.

Not super flavorful, but I love the cinnamon thing I get on it. Not the best wheat I’ve had by any stretch of the imagination, but I’ll probably have it again. Especially since I can get it on tap in Issaquah! 85 Points.

We beer geeks love a good brew pub. Where do you go?

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